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wyndell long nosleep pc repair



About Nosleep PC Repair.

Nosleep PC repair was started because of recommendations from friends, small business owners and family. They would bring PC's and laptops in for repair and were amazed at how fast they ran, and the fact they got it back next day. They also liked the fact they were not hit with a lot of technical mumbo, and they found the instructional text file left on their desktop helped them to keep their computers running fast and virus free. When they told me some of the prices for repairs other shops were charging them I was shocked. With 15 years experience with Windows machines I felt I could do something to help people, especially in times when pocket$ are not so deep.

Nosleep PC repair as an alternative to the high priced pc repair shops or ‘quick fix’ repair individuals. Its a home based business, and 75% of my business is customer referrals. Pricing is fair and fixed. There are no diagnostic charges. There are no overcharges. The location is easy to get to, in a wonderful community. I explain everything in simple terms because I realize that not everyone is all geeked up like I am, but at the same time you need to know what's is going on with your PC or notebook. Properly fixing a Desktop or Laptop PC is a 3 hour job minimum, which is why drop off service is recommended. A proper malware scan can takes up to 40 minutes alone. When Nosleep PC repair restores a computer, it’s set up so that it doesn't get sick again.

Included with most services:

-Protect your computer against spyware, malware, ransomware, browser hijacks, fbi warning screens and other internet evil
-Empty the Recycle Bin & delete hidden files
-Remove Windows temporary files
-Remove components that you don't use
-Remove all software that you no longer use
-Remove temporary Internet files.
-Remove downloaded program files
-Detect and repair disk errors.
-Test Memory and hard drives.
-Remove dust from the out side and inside of your computer.
-Replace bloatware programs with more efficient software.
-Speed up access to data and speed of system.
-Set up system so it maintains itself automatically so the system stays fast and clean.

Computers are a part of everyday life now. They are necessary to keep up with today’s pace. To be without one is a terrible thing. Rest assured when you get your computer or notebook serviced by Nosleep Pc Repair, your problems will be fixed and you’ll be back to work within 24 hours.


- wyndell long
owner & technician
since 2001
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System Tune Ups, fixes & optimizations w/ free Diagnostics

Virus / Pop Ups / Spyware / Malware / Trojan /Ransomware / FBI Notice / browser hijack redirect removal

Software & OS instillation, update & solutions.

Home and apartment wireless network setup (share files and printer)

computer system upgrades (upgrade to a better pc for under $150)

Home entertainment network using your wireless setup.

Upgrades to Solid State Drives (SSD). Speed up your computer!

Low cost Hard drive data recovery (and wiping) , backup, transfer pc to pc, mac SSD installs

Hardware installation and replacement

Digital media transfer editing help & solutions

Graphic and website design and hosting, pro audio services

General Troubleshooting & Consulting

Free consulting & recommendations!

Laptop LCD Screen replacement

Macbook (pre-retina) memory upgrades, solid state drive / hard drive install including full data and program migration. Battery replacement.



Other things Nosleep PC Repair can help you with:

  • LCD screen replacement / cleaning and dust removal (very important for laptops)
  • Solid State Drive installs / memory upgrades / low cost battery replacement / low cost porwer adapter replacement
  • low cost computer upgrades and replacements / free advice and recommendations / LOW COST data recovery
  • Backup solutions (in home cloud / in home network / in home sharing) / program recomendations for all needs
  • Apple computer upgrades (for pre-retina display macbooks, imacs) such as memory and solid state drives
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